K3 Consulting offers technical solutions for the home user/small business sector. This includes but it not limited to system builds, home entertainment configurations utilizing console and computer technologies, gaming setups and networking.

Store services tend to be generic and, often times, administered by non-qualified and/or non-caring technicians. We specialize in understanding what is needed by each client/customer and offering solutions that not only satisfy immediate needs but allow for future contigencies, planned and otherwise.


There is a $75 fee merely for coming to your location. This fee may be waived in certain situations. Inquire for details.

Operating system reinstalls are a flat $100. This included basic driver installs.

Custom system builds are cost of parts (excluding keyboard, monitor and mouse) plus 25% plus $100. Multiple system builds (3 or more) may have discounts applied if the configuration is the same.

Networking services are provided at a flat rate. Pricing for such services start at $100 and is commiserate on what is needed to be done.

Data Retrieval/Recovery starts at $100.

Other services are available and start at $50/hr.

All services provided will be discussed before any work is done. Payment may be required before certain services are provided (i.e. custom system builds)

We do not remove virus, trojans, malware. We can help retrieve your data (see above) and reinstall your operating system.

(Custom DDR Pads, fully functional and highly durable are also available. Please visit Namco003's Page for details)

Further inquiries should be directed to the